Bulgogi Pizza


I enjoy Korean food, especially the spicy stuff.  But there’s not as much variety in the food as I’d like.  So I went out to dinner one night determined not to eat Korean food.  I only half succeeded.

I came across a pizza shop that looked pretty good.  I went in thinking I’d get something Italian traditional, but couldn’t resist trying something new.  Bulgogi is one of my favorite meals in Korea.  It’s a meal of marinated beef cooked on the table in front of you along with mushrooms and some other miscellaneous veggies.  They say is “barbecued”, but being a BBQ snob from the south I have to mention that this is not really BBQ.  Real BBQ is smoked.  Bulgogi is cooked in a pan over an open flame, but honestly it’s even more braised than grilled, since they cook it with so much marinade in the pan.  But I digress…   So I’m a big fan of bulgogi, and I see that they have a bulgogi pizza.  I wasn’t going to eat Korean food, but this sounds too good to pass-up.

As soon as I ordered, they brought out some appetizers.  There was a basket with two types of bread, a mustard & oil dip, oil & balsamic vinegar dip, and the ever present pickles.

bread & pickles

The pizza arrived looking rather delicious!  It was topped with bulgogi and potato wedges with a white sauce including mushrooms and onions.  It was very different, and that’s what I told the waitress when she asked if I liked it.  She seemed hurt and said “Oh, you don’t like it!”  No….no…it’s good, just different.  My favorite pizza is Neapolitan style.  A thin crispy crust, with minimal toppings.  With the meat, potatoes, and cream sauce…this was a very hearty pizza, but I really enjoyed it.  Hopefully the empty serving plate made that clear to the waitress.

I’m already looking forward to going back and trying some of their other non-traditional pizzas!

bulgogi pizza

2 Responses to “Bulgogi Pizza”

  1. Mom says:

    After your childhood eating preferences, I am amazed (and thrilled) that you will try all these ethnic foods!

  2. Dad says:

    Your man, Alton, would be proud 😉

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