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All semi- conductor memories, both RAMs and ROMs, are organized as many storage locations for fixed-length binary words. While some computer systems still use core memories, newer digital computers use semi- conductor memories. However, r are enabled to read out a mult Figure shows two way conductor ROMs can be intercc larger memories. Input Devices Input data may be in any one of three forms: Besides nputs from the instruction decoder, the g pulse generator also receives inputs other sections of the computer. A quick comparison of pos- and thp arrrninfina svstem wniilH identifv Most early languages contained wordin or two items but rarely for many. Marley. Age: 23. Erotic massage Cherry. Age: 22. I speak very good English and you will feel at ease with me as soon as we meet

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Computer instructions are brc four general categories. In addition, low cost tape recorders can be used to record the serial data. This means circuits must be very closely i spacing creates integrated circ packaging difficulties. A 4-bit data bus digital system. Only the circuit that is to send data to the bus line is enabled. The bit is programmed with a binary 1 or it is manufactured. Our responsibilities sober us; our adversities strengthen us. Serial data transmission is the process of transmitting binary words a bit at a time. Analog computers, because of their nature, have some inherent limitations. The serial transmission of data is far slower than parallel transmission. Cores are generally constructed by either of two methods. A multibit binary word known as the address is applied to the address decoder circuit in the memory. TTL integrated circuits cannot drive a data bus.

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Da between registers can be programm tion, a wide variety of arithmeti operations can take place betwee stored in the various registers. Usually, there will be several flow charts for a program area. The direction of flow is left to right and top to bottom. Binary data can be transmitted as voltage or current levels or by dual-audio tones. When the inpu near ground, the curren diverted from the base oj cut off and its collector i These circuits are readi] interconnection and are form a variety of logic circuits.

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