Albuquerque Shooting Range Park


“Really? You saw that from the air and knew it was a shooting range?”, my wife said.  Yes, absolutely. :)

It turns out, the range is run by the city of Albuquerque and is open to the public for a very nominal fee.  Here’s a link to their website for more information.

You can see four rifle ranges on the left, and lots of pistol bays on the right, complete with a police qualification range in the middle (with concrete foot path grid).  What I didn’t catch from the air are the trap/skeet fields just SW of here, which you can see in the Google Maps images.

Albuquerque Shooting Range Park


And as I was looking around the area on Google Maps, I found this other range just a few miles north.  The Del Norte Gun Club has upwards of 20 bays, with everything from short pistol bays to 1,000 yard rifle ranges, with archery and shotguns in between.  SWEEEEET!!!

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