A Couple Milestones


By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to China.   This flight will push me over a couple of mileage thresholds.

First, I’ll surpass 400,000 miles flown on Delta, all since joining SkyMiles in 2001 when I took my first job that involved any real travel.  These are “butt in seat” miles, not bonus miles for certain fares, frequent flyer status, or credit card rewards.  I’m still a long way from being a Million Miler, though.

Second, I’ll pass the 75,000 Medallion Qualification Mile mark for the year.  These are miles that earn status on Delta.  While most of my flights earn miles at 1:1, some flights earn 1.5:1.  Including this flight, I will have flown 63,038 miles, but earned 76,678 miles.

It’s probably sad that I care about these things at all, but the reality is that your status with an airline makes a big difference in the treatment you receive.  It’s very nice to be able to call Delta, and have an English speaking person answer the phone almost immediately and say “Hello, Mr. Garrett!  How can I help you today?”

So…Happy Platinum Medallion to me!  :)

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  1. Mom says:


  2. Lara Hodgson says:

    Have you seen “Up in the Air”? George Clooney’s character was all about his frequent flier accumulation.

    Hope you have a great time exploring in China. Looking forward to your pics.


  3. Megan says:

    I was totally going to ask if you have seen “Up in the Air” as well. haha.

    Can’t wait to head more about your trip.

  4. Brian says:

    Yes, I’ve seen Up in the Air. It was a fun movie. I have to admit that I’m not much of a points hound, though. Reward miles don’t count towards your status on the airline, so I don’t see the value in accruing tons of them. That’s one of the misleading things about UitA. Accruing 10M miles by credit cards, hotels, rental cars, etc. does nothing for you at all, other than prove that you spend too much time at work. :) Flying 10M miles on an airline will make you a demigod to them, but that would still mean you spend too much time at work!

    I prefer to use credit cards that give me cash back. The value of $1 is far more certain than the value of 100 airline miles. You just never know what the airlines will do with their “award” travel programs.

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