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Diamonds Are Forever


As I was passing through JFK the other day, one of the Delta agents looked at my boarding pass and said “Ooooh…Mr. Diamond, please step this way. You know, diamonds are forever!” I chuckled and said “No, just through the end of the month.” Sadly my new Medallion credentials arrived in the mail yesterday, and I’ve been demoted two levels due to my lack of travel last year. How will I survive as a lowly Gold Medallion in ATL?!?! Yea, I know; I’ll be fine. Given the routes/times I travel, I rarely saw domestic upgrades anyway. But for international travel, I’m going to miss the System Wide Upgrade certificates I got as a Diamond/Platinum. And the customer service I’ve been getting as a Diamond is truly remarkable! I haven’t been as low as Gold in four years. Wish me luck. 😉