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Delta SkyClub Tokyo


After exploring Tokyo in the summer heat, I was all hot and sweaty when I got to the airport.  That’s not the way you want to start a 15+ hour trip home!  Thankfully, the SkyClubs at Narita (NRT) have showers available.

You simply ask for a key at the front desk, then head back to the shower room you’ve been assigned.  There are attendants that clean the rooms after each use.  I’m really not the kind of person who craves personal attention. I prefer to use an ATM rather than go into the bank.  I never have a bellman carry my bags, even when in places like Japan where you’re not expected to tip for the service.  But having this shower available was just awesome.  Instead of being tired and sweaty when I got on the plane, I was clean and feeling refreshed.  Most excellent!

There are shower facilities at many international airports, so if you have premium status with your airline or are traveling in first/business class…be sure to check ’em out!

Private Shower

private potty and shower

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