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Torino Next Week


I’m heading off to Italy today.  There’s a trade show in Torino next week, so leaving today puts me over there on Sunday morning.  Hopefully I’ll have some time Sunday afternoon to play tourist.  My last (and only) trip to Italy was so short that the only “meal” was a sandwich at a highway rest stop.  Granted, it was the best rest stop sandwich I’ve ever had in my life…but this time I’ll be there for four full days and plan to eat well.  I’m going to do my best to eat my body weight in pizza, pasta, Italian cheese, and sausage!

Here’s a look at the flight map.  On the way over I fly ATL-AMS-TRN, with only a short layover in AMS.  On the way home I fly TRN-AMS-MSP-ATL, with a 5 hour layover in AMS.  I’m planning to leave the airport in Amsterdam and literally run around downtown.  I won’t have much time, but the airport is only a 10 minute train ride from the historic downtown area.  If I get to do nothing more than see the Anne Frank house I’ll be satisfied.  There is a direct flight from AMS-ATL, but Delta’s upgrade policy wouldn’t allow me to nail down an upgrade on the direct flight, so I booked the flight through MSP.   I’m flying direct on the way over because I couldn’t confirm an upgrade in either direction, and the shorter flight would clearly be easier if  sitting wedged in coach.  Thankfully Delta called last night to confirm the upgrade.  Woot!  The AMS-TRN flights are on Lufthansa, so I’ll be in coach, but they’re only an hour long.

Okay, off to finish packing…

to: red & blue (4,909 mi) | from: blue & green (5,580 mi)