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Salsa Picante


I was in Fremont, CA, recently and needed a quick lunch.  I drove past this taqueria that looked like the real deal.  I chose three tacos (two beef and one chicken), with chips & salsa included.  There’s seating for about 16 inside, and probably another 20 outside.   I enjoyed sitting inside, where I could watch them cooking.  The tacos looked a bit small for $1.50, but the quality was excellent.  Well worth the cash.  The chips were obviously fresh, but cut a bit ticker than I prefer.  The red salsa was GREAT, and the green was fine.

Lunch = 3 tacos + chips & salsa + Coke

I was glad to see chicken that was carefully pulled, and the beef was chopped rather than ground.  Somehow I think this translates to higher quality.  The tacos are served with only cilantro and onions.  No lettuce or cheese, like you get at Taco Bell.  :)  I’m a big fan of cheese, but tacos are great this way.  The tacos were made of two soft corn tortillas, which I prefer to the standard flour tortillas.

chicken and beef

I had long heard rumors that Coke in Mexico is still made with real sugar, like Coke used to be in America…before the New Coke debacle and subsequent Coca-Cola Classic.  I’m in the camp that says the DISGUSTING “New Coke” was just a ploy to flush the shelves of the original Coke and start using high fructose corn syrup in a “classic” product.  Regardless, this Coke was great.  It tastes a bit less sweet than the Coke you normally get here.  It was $1.95 for a 12 oz bottle, which seemed steep to me…but it was good nonetheless.  I thought it was interesting that the bottle didn’t have nutrition information (sic) on it, so in order to sell the bottle here they had to stick on this label.

Mexican Coke

If you find yourself hungry in Fremont, I highly recommend Salsa Picante!

Ze Plane! Ze Plane!


Good timing!  This is the plane I’d be flying out on later in the evening; Delta 152, ATL-TLV.  The photo was taken at 17:30, as I was waling along the beach finishing-up my adventure for the day.  I had watched dozens of planes landing that afternoon, but had never anticipated seeing MY plane!

Ze Plane! Ze Plane!!!

Delta Travel Treats


On a recent flight I decided to try one of Delta’s two snack packs.  The Travel Treats are a bit heartier.  Delta says “This tasty selection of snack items contains an assortment of chips, Jack Link’s beef nuggets, crackers, cheese, dried fruit, cookies, and candy.”  The other choice is the Flight Delights (which I haven’t tried yet) which are a bit higher on the hog; “A deliciously healthy and high-energy collection of bagel chips, Asiago cheese spread, olives, pomegranate-vanilla glazed cashews, dried cranberries & pineapple, and Swiss chocolate”.

Delta "Travel Treats" snack pack. Not a bad way to spend $5.