Jerusalem Humus


Well, it took me 2 1/2 days, but I found it.  The Jerusalem Humus is a restaurant just around the corner from my hotel, the Sharon Hotel in Herzliya (just north of Tel Aviv, Israel).  I went wandering for lunch and found this small shop, which clearly served humus, and had a nice open-air patio.  I decided to go with the shops namesake dish.  The Jerusalem Humus is a bowl of traditional humus, with a well made in the center filled with grilled chicken and grilled onions.  The bowl was drizzled with olive oil, and garnished with paprika and parsley.  You ate everything on pita, and there were some hot sauces, too.  One had a nice kick to it, but the other looked and tasted exactly like Pace picante sauce.  With a coke & tip it came to 53 shekels (about $14).  On the way back to the hotel I grabbed a candy bar at the convenience store.  It was 6 shekels ($1.60).  I don’t know if this is from a weak US$, or if thing are just expensive here, but both those seemed quite high to me.  To put this in perspective, the 12 oz can of Coke at lunch was $2.40, where I’d expect to pay no more then $1.50 in a US restaurant for a can.   This probably has something to do with me eating two blocks from a beautiful beach, too.

In any case…great hummus, interesting new candy, and a walk along the beach made for a great lunch!

humus with chicken & onions, pita, Coke, hot sauce, pickles & lettuce

The Jerusalem Humus

Coca Cola - nectar of the Gods


I can’t make this map plug-in go straight to the satellite view, so switch to the satellite view and you can see my hotel (the pool SW of the marker).

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